Update on South Seattle Violence Incidents

Given the seemingly never-ending incidents of violence in South Seattle in such a short period of time, we wanted to put together a single report with the most up-to-date, confirmed information available. We have reviewed the most recent updates from the Seattle Police Department. We have also looked at a few critical accounts of what happened during each, as reported on social media and in other outlets. Any reports from media partners contain links to the original outlet reporting the information.

We will update this post as additional information is confirmed.


1. Shooting Murder at Rainier Ave Bakery

This information is directly from SPD:

“Two people were struck by gunfire—one fatally—in a shooting shortly after 6pm near Rainier Avenue South and South College Street.

“After receiving multiple reports of gunfire in the area, officers arrived and found the young woman inside a vehicle. At this time, detectives believe the vehicle was targeted in the shooting.

“An injured man was found in a nearby business, and does not appear to be associated with the vehicle. He was transported to Harborview Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.”

Update 4:10pm
BOMBCo contacted the Medical Examiner’s office who informed us that the full process of identifying the murder victim from yesterday’s shooting at the bakery is not completed; this includes confirmation of the age and name of the victim, who was female. We will check back with their office and SPD tomorrow for updated info on all events, and will publish our initial report later this evening. We’ll be sure to share the link and update as additional information is confirmed.


2. Rainier and Genesee Shooting

Witness account of the shooting was posted by Theryn Kigvamasud’vashti on facebook after the incident:

Photo by Theryn Kigvamasud’vshti, 2017

“This does not even begin to explain what just happened. May is at Mertro PCS getting his phone reset. I am at Walgreens. While in line there is a gun shot. Then another and another. The people around me begin running and hitting the ground. I am still standing and watch 3 cars crunch to a halt while more people are running outside trying to take cover. People began ducking and running into Walgreens and I start running out. At this point I realize that my merch is still in my hand and not paid for AND and the gunshots are still going! 8-10 rounds of gunshots. It felt like it was not going to end. Instinctualy, I run back into Walgreens which by now is filled with people on the ground yelling, “Get in! Get in!” I drop my store stuff on the counter and the cashier says, “Get down! Don’t go back out there! I say, ” My son is out there.” I run into Metro PCS and May and the store manager are crouched behind the wall and a counter top and a Latino dude lying flat on the ground. I join my son who looks terrified but clear. I get to his side and the manager and May begin telling me that they saw a car with a Tech9 firing rounds at someone running off. Then I realized that the cars thathad rear-ended one another were trying to get away when all crashed trying to get away from all the gunfire.”

The Seattle Police Department has said to have found bullet casings and other evidence related to the shooting. They are still investigating whether the incident is tied to the bakery shooting nearby, which also happened on Rainier Avenue.


3. Man Pulls Gun on Pedestrians on Rainier and Orcas, SPD Investigating Hate Crime

We first became aware of this on facbook, when a screenshot of the photo of a man with a gun pointed at occupants in a vehicle behind him surfaced, with an account of events.

From the Seattle Police Department:

“…the victims encountered the suspects again at Rainier Avenue and South Lucile Street, where a passenger in the vehicle threw a bottle at the victims, striking the male victim in the arm.

“The victims caught up to the suspects at Rainier Avenue South and South Orcas, where the Volvo was stopped at a red light, and attempted to take a picture of the vehicle.

“As they approached the car, a man–described as being in his late 20s, 6’0 with a heavy build, wearing a black hat and t-shirt and brown pants and shoes–and pointed a gun at the victims.


4. Elderly Couple Shot in Car on MLK

From the Seattle Police Department:

“Witnesses called 911 just after 3 AM to report shots fired near Martin Luther King Jr. Way South and South Dearborn Street.  When officers arrived they found two people in a car who had been shot.  Medics took a man in his 70s to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. The second victim, a woman in her 70s, was treated and released from the hospital.

“Detectives believe the couple was driving through the area when suspects fired at the victims’ vehicle. Detectives are searching for two dark-colored sedans in connection with the incident.”


5. Man Stabbed in Neck Near Franklin High School

Again, from the Seattle Police Department:

“Detectives are investigating and searching for a 36-year-old woman after a man was stabbed in the neck just before noon in the Mt. Baker Neighborhood.

“Witnesses began calling 911 at 11:40 am Thursday saying a man had been stabbed in the neck near Rainier Ave South and South Mount Baker Blvd.  As officers arrived they found the 43-year-old victim with a single stab wound to the neck. Officers quickly determined that the suspect and victim know each other and believe this was a targeted attack.  Officers are currently scouring the area trying to find the suspect.

“Witnesses described the suspect as a 36-year-old Native American female who left the area in a green truck. This remains an active scene and if you have any information in this case please call 911 and ask to speak with an officer.”


Statement from Chief O’Toole

In the last 24 hours, there have been five shooting incidents, leaving one person dead and four others injured. We offer our deepest sympathy to the family of the young woman who died yesterday. Our hearts go out to these victims and their loved ones.

“We are outraged by the gun violence, and neither our department nor our community will tolerate it. We have been working consistently with our federal, state, and county partners, and convened a meeting today to redouble our efforts.

“Our department is working around the clock to investigate these incidents. We stand together with our community to bring those who have brought violence onto our streets to justice.”


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