Special Coverage: SPD Shooting Death of Charleena Lyles

Our ongoing coverage into the shooting death of Charleena Lyles by the Seattle Police Department.

Articles are listed beginning with most recent, click the title to follow the link, and scroll down to access all information currently released by the Seattle Police Department


FACT CHECK: City Council “Public Hearing” into Death of Charleena Lyles; Sawant, Gonzalez Clash and ContradictCharleena Lyles SPD Shooting

Letter from the Editor: Here We Are Again. And again

SPD: Shooting Death of Charleena Lyles by Officers is “Unacceptable”



`Interview with Managing Editor Sakara Remmu on KEXP Mind Over Matters



Information Released by the Seattle Police Department

1. Police Hazard Information: “Police hazard information to officers at the time of the call: The information below is what the officers are discussing in the dashcam video posted June 19th.”- SPD Blotter

Charleena Lyles SPD

The information responding officers had available, and reviewed, prior to making contact with Ms. Lyles before her death, created in the SPD database about Ms. Lyles after an incident at her home on June 5.


2.Video taken from hall security cameras in the 24 hours leading up to the shooting


3. Crime Scene Diagram

Diagram of inside Ms. Lyles apartment, created by Crime Scene Investigators

4.Transcript of Officer Steven McNew

5. Transcript of Officer Anderson Part 1

Transcript of Officer Anderson Part 2

Transcript of Officer Anderson Part 3

6. Police Report of June 5 Incident



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