black womxn originate from every curve of the earth. What happens when they meet for the first time over food, mimosas, and scalding black tea steeped in the truth of their individual and shared experiences?

you’ve never experienced anything like it.

’tis sipped, ’tis spilled. settle in.

  Tea Leaves

predatory hotep brotha | white moms

kickbacks | cape-ing for white feminism; nah

seattle racist af | progressive anti-blackness

black male privilege | separation

rapists in the oval office | black masculinity

black misleadership class | chicken foot preachers

 black orgs pimpin | nate parker

black misogyny  | social sexualization of black womxn

black is not poc | black lives matter

historical struggle | invaded black spaces

  politics | toe’back vs toe’up

restorative justice | defining whiteness

bi-racial identity myth | queer erasure


Kameko Thomas

Kameko Thomas

Shreveport, Louisiana – Seattle, WA

Kameko Thomas is a freelance writer,

blogger, and journalist, and is

the Founder, Publisher, and sole voice of Asis Chronicle.



Rwanda and SeaTac, WA

Proud Rwandese Queer femme.

She has been organizing for years around

prison abolition, housing justice,

reproductive justice and workers’ rights.

She is currently studying for her Life Coaching

license and is one quarter or the queer

woc-owned co-operative, Fresh Baked.


Sakara Remmu

California- Renton, WA

Founder, Managing Editor at Large: BOMBCo

Queer. Writer. Educator. Artist. | Nerd. Mother. | Brown. Red. Conscious all over.

Tana Yasu

Seattle, WA

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