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Sakara Remmu is the Founder of Black Owned Media Broadcasting Company (BOMBCo).Remmu

Sakara was first published in 2001 after witnessing a violent crime and police shooting in Seattle. In 2007 she started writing The Sable Verity Social Commentary, and became a regular contributor to local and national online, print and radio outlets.

Sakara has more than 20 years of experience in education, strategic communications, as well as human services and criminal justice advocacy, administration and direct service on behalf of victims as well as the accused.

In 2016 Sakara founded BOMBCo. to create a multimedia journalism and storytelling platform to reclaim the media narratives around the social issues directly impacting the lives of Black and other people of color in Seattle and beyond.

Sakara is the Host and Executive Producer of Under the Redline, a miniseries podcast exploring experiences, stories, opinions, and issues historically and actively misrepresented or ignored by local and national mainstream media, and which impact the lives of those in marginalized communities in and around Seattle.

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