Part 8: Alleged Ratt Pacc Murder Pact: The Life and Death of Nicole Cearo

ratt pacc

Points of interest in the case of Nicole Cearo.

The oldest gangs in Seattle are entrenched in its communities. Gangs are generational and familial and some rivalries go back decades.

Within gangs like 74 Hoover, there are sets; gangs within the gang. If ever a Seattle gang could be described as notorious, the Ratt Pacc fits the bill, and the ongoing body count and felony criminal cases from the local to the federal level are proof of that.

Roosevelt Montgomery Jr*. is a member of the Ratt Pacc of south Seattle’s 74 Hoover gang and goes by the name Baby Ratt. He has declined to participate in an interview for this series.

Witnesses and police records exhaustively document Mr. Montgomery’s gang related activity; shootings and assaults, including fellow and rival gang members, women and young girls, including relatives and former girlfriends. He has also been a victim of gang violence, shot himself on at least two separate occasions.

Mr. Montgomery and other members of 74 Hoover are well known to the Major Crimes Unit of the Seattle Police Department, the Gang Unit, Homicide, and street patrol, as well as the FBI’s special division for investigating violent gangs.

By 2010 members of the gang unit were actively searching for D-Ratt**, a member of the 74 Hoover Ratt Pacc. They wanted to talk to him about Nicole. But according to multiple, independent sources, D-Ratt left the state in the summer of 2009, months after Nicole was murdered allegedly, fearful police would eventually come looking for him. 

What happened to Nicole after she was released from jail and picked up by Mr. Montgomery? It is the question we have asked from the beginning. Was her mother the last person to see her alive?


She went to friends in desperation, allegedly bruised and panicked, with Mr. Montgomery. Sometime later, she arrived at her final destination. A house in south Seattle.

Reportedly, members of the Ratt Pacc were there. 










Mr. Montgomery has been publicly identified in connection to Nicole on the Washington Homicide Investigators Association. Click the photo to view the case information on their website.









**In our previous interview with Seattle police, they did not identify any suspects or persons of interest.  Therefore we are not using the legal name of D-Ratt. Our information is based on sources with knowledge of the investigation at the time, and numerous independent witnesses we are not naming because they fear for their safety in coming forward with information.

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