Part 7: Is Nicole Alive, or Did She Deserve to Die? UtRL Q & A: The Life and Death of Nicole Cearo

Since her disappearance in 2009 there have been rumors Nicole Cearo, aka Capricorn, is alive.  There is also the culture of the “unspoken known” of what allegedly happened to her; killed and dumped in Seattle. It is known. But it is not spoken of. 

In this special episode of The Life and Death of Nicole Cearo: Is Nicole still living? Have Seattle Police failed to locate her alive and well?

If dead, many have quietly, and sometimes publicly said, “she deserved it.” Should her killer then go unpunished? Is her suspected death of her own doing? Does it matter she was reportedly pregnant?

Are black women ever truly victims?

Have suspects been cleared by DNA? How would that be possible if no body has been recovered in the homicide investigation?

What is the process for researching, confirming and producing Under the Redline: The Life and Death of Nicole Cearo, and why bother telling her story at all?

Additional topics: The Town vs Seattle; process of researching for reporting and podcasting; anonymous sources in the community; police records; the process of engaging SPD on an active case; contacting witnesses; suspect vs criminally suspected; interview requests for Roosevelt Montgomery Jr., and more.







Police Reports

09-107229 SPD Master report Cearo timeline REDACTED

09-145918 Missing person and stolen truck REDACTED



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2 Responses

  1. Miamore says:

    It doesn’t matter how many times she’s been to jail or what she was into before she came up missing. All that matters is she is still messing and all any one has heard is hear say, she needs to be found so her family can have closure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Speaking for my family the family of nicole no matter what my neice my have done she didnt deserved to be murdered and dumped somewhere like some dam trash all these ppl that keep saying they have saw her its all lies wonder how you if it where your family member smh. We just want to lay her to rest not knowing really kills my sister her motber.

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