Part 3: Justice: The Killing of Tyrone Love



The story of Tyrone Love is not about police misconduct or police brutality. It is not about reforms or failures, institutionalized racism,

the silent war

photo courtesy The Silent War Campaign

disproportionality in arrests, convictions and penalties. It isn’t about restorative justice or a new, radical approach to policing. And yet, all of these social issues intersect with the murder of Tyrone, in a case where the Seattle Police Department has and continues to work above par to solve the crime.

Add to that historic distrust of the police in the black community, glorified, so called no chill culture and worst of all, the no snitch code and we have a case that, despite the work of the Department and the community, goes unsolved.

In this segment we return to our discussion with Chukundi Salisbury of SeaSpot Media and the Silent War campaign. We also hear again from Sergeant Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department. They each recount the partnership between the Department, the Silent War campaign, and Seattle’s black community in response to Tyrone’s murder.

Both speak candidly to the related social and systemic issues, and their impact on Tyrone’s case.

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