Part 13: She Ran for Her Life: Finale of the Life and Death of Nicole Cearo

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We have been able to separate much of the lies and urban legend of what happened to Nicole Cearo.13 Nicole Cear

But we know there are more details out there in the Town, more people who know what really happened that night, and where Nicole’s body was taken.

We knew Nicole was last seen around Champs around or after midnight- the last place she was seen alive. But now we know, she would still make one last effort, to run for her life.

While word of the murder traveled sets, crews, gangs and the town and the truth was covered with lies, urban legends, and an intentional effort to throw everyone in the wrong direction, those who knew the truth struggled with the weight and guilt and fear of what they had done.

Eventually, within days, weeks, months, and even years, they would brag about, or break down and confess to others what they had seen and done. And in those confessions were new details of Nicole’s last night alive, presented here for the first time, and a new, never-before-known or even rumored location, of where Capricorn may truly be, today.


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