Part 12: Urban Legend, Lies, and Origins: The Life and Death of Nicole Cearo

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Very few people have claimed Nicole Cearo is alive. But there are a critical few who maintain otherwise. Why would anyone lie about that? cearo 12How does the lie work for them? Why would they do so publicly? Why would they claim or suggest Nicole’s mother, Cynthia Sanders, is fully aware that Nicole is alive as far back as 2011 or 2013?

How does that work for them? Is it for attention? Adding drama to tragedy?

Or is it something else?

Are such claims credible? Who is insisting it is true, and what was their relationship to Nicole? What was, or is their relationship to the alleged murder, suspected killer and accomplices, or the alleged disposal of her body?

If a relative, in this case D-Ratt or Mr. Montgomery, were allegedly present for the murder and helped dispose of the body, does that weaken or strengthen the credibility of the people claiming to have seen and spoken to Nicole Cearo after 2009?

And if she truly were alive, and a relative were being falsely accused of killing her and disposing of her body wouldn’t they want everyone to know she is actually alive?

D-Ratt knew the origin, the truth behind the legend. He was allegedly one of the people there when it happened.

And someone was talking to the police about a murder, and where to find the body of Nicole Cearo and her unborn baby. D-Ratt knew it wasn’t Seward Park.

But they hadn’t just searched on land, police divers searched Lake Washington near the park too.

Everyone who says police missed the body might technically be right. But how would anyone know that to begin with?

News of murder travels fast. Especially when people see it happen, and try to cover it up.

If Nicole was never in Seward Park, where is her body now?







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