Part 1: Missing Black Girl: The Life and Death of Nicole Cearo





In 2009, Nicole Sherese Cearo was murdered, somewhere in Seattle. Her body may be concealed in or around Seward Park, or buried behind a house, or an overgrown

Nicole Sherese Cearo
Missing since 2009

lot in South Seattle.

Seattle Police believe Nicole is dead- and they believe they know who killed her. Seattle police alerted the media to Nicole’s disappearance, sending out a press release about a year after she was reported missing.

Her story was nothing more than “a blip” in the cycle of consumer news; television and beat reporters dutifully relayed the details contained in the one-page press release, along with a picture. There was no community search, no outrage, no statements by elected officials or leaders of the police department- all actions seemingly routine when someone who is white goes missing in the United States- particularly white women and girls. There would be no in depth exploration of Nicole’s murder by the mainstream media.

Nicole has been all but forgotten, save her family, the man they suspect of killing her, and the police department that is still following leads, quietly searching for her, hoping to return her to her family, and bring her murderer to justice.

But it has been over six years. What happens now?


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