Part 1: Mr. Everybodytalksabout Lightz Out

November 26, 2017
By Sakara Remmu, Managing Editor
Seattle, WA


This week opening statements will be made in the trial of Joshua Puloka for the 2014 shooting death of Tory Holmes. If convicted, it would mark his second gun-related homicide in a slew of violent felony crimes across Seattle and King County.

Part 1: Everybodytalksabout Lightz Out


February 4, 1999 Joshua Everybodytalksabout aka Joshua Puloka aka “Lightz Out” walked into Pager Galore in south Seattle and shot Thomas Cameron once the leg


Joshua Everybodytalksabout aka Joshua Puloka, 2014

after demanding the man “bow down” to him. He fled the scene in an SUV. Cameron called 911 and shortly after, police spotted the suspect vehicle. The driver refused to stop and Seattle Police gave chase.

After a few miles Puloka jumped from the car and ran into a nearby house. A woman eventually came out of the residence and told police Puloka was hiding under

the house. The SWAT Team apprehended him without further incident.

Cameron told police the shooting was over a cell phone. Puloka would later tell the detective assigned to the case that he had nothing to do with the shooting, and that Cameron had been threatening his family. Charged with assault in the second degree by use of a deadly weapon, Puloka nevertheless was granted bail. Six days later he was out of jail. He would be convicted in August 1999 and sentenced to just over a year in prison.

But not before he killed someone else.


March 23, 1999 was a rainy Tuesday in Seattle. South of the city in Tukwila, movie goers came and went from the theater on Andover Park West. Outside, just after 9:00 in the evening Joshua Puloka waited alone in his wife’s four-door Buick LeSabre. He had two kilos of cocaine and a gun.

Zhonyk Rafael-Jerome Payne was known for buying and selling cocaine. That Tuesday afternoon Payne called his girlfriend at home. He needed a phone number. She grabbed the piece of paper he left at her house the day before and read the information to him; a local phone number and a name: Josh.

Payne dropped off his then two year old son at a friend’s house just blocks from the theater promising to return right away. He parked his car, grabbed the backpack

Puloka Everybodytalksabout

Joshua Everybodytalksabout aka Joshua Puloka, 2017

containing $35,000, and climbed into the Buick LeSabre. Puloka pulled out of the parking lot with Payne in the passenger seat, and drove to a more secluded location nearby. As drug deals go, it should have been a simple transaction taking just a few minutes. Payne and Puloka weren’t friends, they barely new each other. But this wasn’t a small time drug deal, it was high level drug running. The street value of $35,000 of quality cocaine could be doubled, nearly tripled in the right hands. But Payne was in trouble as soon as Puloka drove out of the movie theater parking lot.

At least a mile from the theater outside a home design store, Puloka pulled his gun on Payne and told him there would be no deal; he was keeping the drugs and taking the money. Payne refused, grabbed the backpack with the $35,000 and ran through traffic across Andover Park West.

Puloka aimed his gun and fired five rounds. Two hit Payne, who tried to stop a passing car for help. Zhonyk Payne never made it back to pick up his son. He collapsed in the street and died, shot twice in the back. A second witness saw Puloka as he drove calmly from the scene. They followed the Buick, and the killer inside.


Coming Soon: Part 2




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