A False Flag in Federal Way

June 15, 2017



This week a post by a community member on the social media website, Facebook, claimed “the Confederate Flag” is flying in the suburban city of Federal Way, south of Seattle.

Specifically, the community member and others claimed the Confederate Flag is flying outside of the King County Aquatic Center. For those who have never been, or do not know what it’s used for, the Aquatic Center is not just a national, but international athletic training center for the best of the best; Olympic qualifying trials are held there and indeed athletes from all over the word train there.

But let’s cut right to it. In an interview with the City of Federal Way, Steve McNey clarified which flags fly in, and outside of the Aquatic Center, and why. The Confederate Flag is not one of them. It’s also important to note, the Aquatic Center is run by King County, not the City of Federal Way.

As a national training center, the Aquatic Center flies fifty-one flags outside, a flag for every state in the Union, and the United States Flag.  This is a twenty-five year tradition, as old as the Center itself.  Inside, above the massive, Olympics-sized pool, are flag from other countries, and the United States Flag.

The attention drawn to the state flags raises the question, how much do we know about flags of other states in America? Of the following three flags, which one is the Confederate Flag, also known as “the Stars and Bars?”

Flag 1








Flag 2








Flag 3







If you identified either Flag 1 or Flag 2 as the Confederate Flag, you are incorrect. Flag 3 is the Confederate Flag, aka, “the Stars and Bars.”

Flag 2 represents the great state of Mississippi, which includes, top left, the King’s Cross.

Flag 1 is the Confederate Army Battle Flag; the flag adopted by the army to distinguish itself on the battle field.

Mississippi, as with any other state, is represented at the Aquatic Center with its flag. To remove it because it contains the King’s Cross, no matter how offensive people find it, is, in fact, discriminatory.  And while many see the King’s Cross, or the Army Flag as harmful, outdated symbols of racism, hatred and slavery, it’s also fair to say that could be a tad, well, hypocritical.

After all, there is one flag flying outside of the Aquatic Center, in every local, county and state building, including schools, which features a notorious slave owner. Can you guess which one it is?

Washington State flag, featuring George Washington, former US President and slave owner.


Before you pester the Aquatic Center, the City of Federal Way, or heck, the state of Mississippi about their flag, maybe Washingtonians should address what our own flag represents.

Food for thought.

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