Exclusive: After Charlottesville, the Alt-Right Return to Seattle

The world was stunned to see images of torch-carrying White protesters in Charlottesville marching together in a show of solidarity- and intimidation- on Fridayalt-right night. Those images quickly paled in comparison to what came next; violent confrontations between White supremacists and counter-protesters, leading to the death of one woman and two police officers on Saturday.

Now it’s Sunday, and a rally is scheduled to begin in a few hours in the heart of downtown Seattle, organized by a group called Patriot Prayer. Is this an “alt-right” or “neo-Nazi” or White Nationalist event? What is the purpose and intention, and how, if at all, is it different than what happened in Charlottesville? BOMBCo managing editor Sakara Remmu contacted Joey Gibson, an organizer of the Seattle event to learn more.

Mr. Gibson says their group is none of these things, and that his goal with the event is to encourage people to focus less on politics, and more on coming together where common ground is possible. Mr. Gibson says he doesn’t want to see any violence at the Seattle event, and wants extremists to stay away, and not co-opt the event, or their movement, something he says happened in Charlottesville.

BOMBCo reached out to the Seattle Police Department, who would only confirm they have “a plan in place” for Sunday’s event. Mr. Gibson confirmed he has had several conversations with SPD about ensuring the safety of everyone at the event or in the vicinity, saying the department is taking an abundance of precaution and will arrest anyone who engages in violent behavior.

You can listen to the interview below; the conversation happened on Saturday night, in two phone calls. Portions of the interview were off the record, which has been edited out.

BOMBCo will be at the event to talk with other Patriot Prayer organizers and speakers, and will post live updates via Twitter: @BombMediaCo


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  1. August 13, 2017

    […] and “understanding.” He said this repeatedly from the stage today, as well as an interview last night with the invaluable Sakara Remmu, conducted just hours after the deaths in Charlottesville. Another […]

  2. August 14, 2017

    […] just the day before, Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson sounded oddly conciliatory in this interview with BOMBCo, conducted by Sakara Remmu the night before the Seattle […]

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